3. Economic Factor. 

  • Poverty 

In 2014, the USA recorded an $11,670 poverty level for individual and $23,850 for a family of four. As of 2014, in California, the poverty level was 12.3 percent, while among the native-born citizens was 9.2 percent. Also, the non-citizens who lived below the poverty line in California are 27.8 percent. 

  • Employment 

Unemployment rate is the percentage of people who are willing and able to work but could not get a job. 

In 2014, the total rate of unemployment in California was 7 percent; 56.7 percent were employed, while 36.2 percent were unemployed. The rate of unemployment among the native-born citizens was 7.3 percent; naturalized citizens were 5 percent; while 7.3 percent of non-citizens are not in the labor force. 

4. Social Factor 

Immigration has also greatly impacted the citizens’ social lives, like marriage, education, and language. 

  • Marriage 

In 2013, a sociology professor called Zhenchao Qian concluded that immigrants are to marry at a higher rate irrespective of their race/ethnicity or educational attainment. This is excluding the Hispanic Immigrants who remarry and divorce at a lower rate than native-born citizens of the United States. 

In 2014, married citizens in California were 46.7 percent, while 12 percent were divorced or separated. Among the native-born citizens, 40.3 percent were married, while among the naturalized citizens, 64.8 were married. Meanwhile, among the non-citizens, 54.9 percent were married also. 

  • Educational attainment 

As of 2013 in the United States, 41 percent of Immigrants have completed their bachelor’s degree while only 20 percent has completed theirs as of 1970. On the other hand, 77 percent of people have completed high school in 1970, while only 50 percent has completed high school. 

In 2015, Connors William wrote that language barriers and education are the major issues to be considered in immigrants’ education. A traditional system where children are taught according to the language they speak rather than teaching them English they don’t speak at home may have a higher if there is a greater percentage of people speaking the same language rather than the English language. 


The USA Immigration Policy and Impact on American society can be gauged from the following consequences. Mass immigration will reduce the living standards of the native-born citizens of the USA.  

For example, the current over-supply of labor has forced companies to hire cheap foreign labor at lower wages hoping that the productivity levels will increase. Many American workers who are employed in such jobs as food processing and construction have been forced to accept lower pay as the companies have reduced their employments.  

It would seem that the United States would need to keep reshaping its immigration to match rising trends. It will also need to consider some of the cogent issues raised above to improve the situation of immigrants in the country. 

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