Over the years, the countries that allow immigrants into their country have had to develop an immigration policy. This policy is set down by the government agency to determine how you can become a legal citizen or be a refugee, temporary worker, student or even a naturalized citizen in the country. 

But it has been recorded that some jurisdictions such as states, cities and countries don’t comply with this policy because they think it will affect their economy negatively. This act is known as sanctuary jurisdictions. 

This article looks at the United States immigration policy, focusing on the immigrants’ situation in California, factors affecting immigration and immigration policy and the Impact of Immigration on American society. 

1. Major Issues 


In 2015, 65.5 million people worldwide fled from their hometown to other countries due to persecution and war. This has been the highest number the United Nation has recorded so far in its history. 

According to the Refugee Act of 1980, the president is to admit any immigrant that wants to make the United States a home due to fear of persecution. This persecution can be in the form of social group membership, nationality, race, political opinion, religion and others. 

  • Syrian Refugees 

Between 2011 and 2016, the Syrian civil war made over 12 million people (including 5 million children) leave the country to seek refuge in other countries. Over 4 million Syrian fled to the Middle East and Europe to live there. 

As of 2015, less than 2,000 Syrian were admitted into the USA to be Immigrants since 2011. During the Obama Administration in 2015, over 10,000 Syrian has been allowed to make the USA their home, but 31 states oppose refugees resettlement while 15 states, including California, support refugees’ resettlement. 

  • Sanctuary Jurisdictions 

Sanctuary Jurisdiction is currently the primary source of opposition to federal anti-immigrant policies in the United States. The local ordinance has been in force since 1985, and yet today, it is one of the issues that divide the country the most. It is as celebrated on the left as it is denigrated on the right. While there is no uniform definition of the term, it generally means that local authorities will not spend their resources and funds to enforce national immigration laws by detaining undocumented immigrants based solely on immigration status. 

On the 25th of September 2015, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) recorded that the United States Immigration has identified close to 300 jurisdictions implementing the sanctuary policies. According to CIS, California was also a sanctuary Jurisdiction. The CIS, therefore, regard sanctuary Jurisdiction as “as a security problem in the country.” 

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