4. The Speed-Up Process Of Visas

As more and more states are opening up, this means the possibility of its Consulates to reopen, but this also means that they need to start doubling down on the visa process for many, especially those who have been on the backlogs since the start of the pandemic. This means that there will be an increase in processing, interviews, and government fees that will result in more workers having to deal with these quicker demands for the application process.

5. Adding Relief Regional Centers For EB-5 Investor Immigrants

What this means is that thanks to a bill such as the FIFP Act, or known as the Foreign Investor Protection Act, it helps to provide relief for many foreign investors, especially those who have invested in regional centers involved in EB-5 programs. Currently this bill is to pass soon, but it will help to provide green cards for many foreign investors here in the United States.

In the end, no one can truly predict the status of immigration for many coming into the United States. However, with these predictions, we hope that there is a strong chance for those making it into the U.S. with ease and with the help they need.

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