2. An Increase In Processing Premiums

The processing in Premiums that are provided by the USCIS expedites the visa processing for many that are currently under the employment-based visa petitions. This also guarantees that for those petitioning, they will have their petitions processed within a total of 15 days or else it is returned back to the filing fee of the petitioner. What is certain about this service is that this is expected to continue expanding throughout the scope of 2022.

There is also contents of additional rules such as eligibility for those looking for the process premiums, the timeline of each process and its fees and dates, but there is uncertainty as for when these rules will be taking place in the immigration process. There is merely speculation.

3. An Increase In Filing Fees When It Comes To Visas

As a previous attempt to try and increase USCIS fees when it comes down to applications for many immigrants in the United States, there have been some that have been struck down by federal courts since September 2020. However there has been evidence that the USCIS are not willing to work under sound financial footing and thus require additional funds in order to continue processing applications that are currently backlogged. Thus, starting this year, the Department of State is to raise filing fees from visas at consulates while also planning to increase petition and application fees in March.

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