With a new year, things are certain a bit different when it comes to the immigration laws and predictions for the United States. That is why we have at least our biggest predictions here when it comes to U.S. immigration in 2022.

1. Changes When It Comes To H1-B Work Visas

With the current administration and their latest regulatory plans, it has been revealed that they plan to continue with the reform plans of the H-1B visa programs. This is mainly concerning for professional workers, and involves benefits such as raising their work wages.

According to the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, other changes to the visa program include:

  • Establishment of new employer site visit guidelines
  • Clarification of rules that involve F-1 students seeking for a status change to their H-1B
  • Clarification of the requirements that need a new amendment for H-1B visa petitions should there be a need to changes of employment, especially of one’s new worksite

Other changes to these rules regarding H-1B visas are still undergoing with the current administration and there are promises that this administration wishes to address so far, but despite all that: it is not enough.

Currently, the U.S. population has hit low records since last year, mainly due to the declining birth rate of parents pushing child bearing for a bit as well as low levels of immigration to the states and lastly, a high mortality rate of older aging population. Thanks to COVID-19, things escalated for the worst these past three years. This means less people for jobs to fill in and to keep alive the required services such as the Social Security programs afloat.

It is important that for this current year, the U.S. takes into serious consideration when it comes to their immigration population. Relying on the H-1B program does not cut it and requires far more to provide more for many foreign skilled workers living and providing here in America.

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