Most Immigrants are Naturalized 

Almost all the immigrants are naturalized, and only a few percentages were illegal. Among the immigrants, 77% are legal citizens of the USA, while only 23% are unauthorized citizens. 45% of the immigrants are lawful permanent citizens, while 27% of the immigrant are authorized residents while 5% are lawful temporary citizens. But 23% of the Immigrant are unauthorized. Between 2007 and 2017, the Mexican population reduced by 2 million, and this resulted to decrement in the number of unauthorized immigrants. This is linked to diverse factors such as the governmental approach to illegal immigration at the time. 

The Majority of the Immigrants Speak English very Well or Well 

The latest statistical figures show that English is the most frequently spoken language in the home and family of the immigrants in many American states. Over 37% of the Immigrant speak English fluently even from age 5, while 17% speak English well. Among the immigrants, Mexico has the lowest speaking English rate (34%), while sub-Saharan Africa (74%) has the highest English proficiency rates. 

The longer the immigrants stay in the USA, the more they are proficient English speakers. Aside from English, the commonly spoken language is Spanish, which is spoken by immigrants of even from 5 years and above. It is mostly spoken at home. Other languages spoken includes; English only (17%), Chinese (6%), Hindi (5%), Filipino / Tagalog (4%) and French (3%). 

Immigrants Contribute Significantly to the Economy 

In 2017, 29 million of the immigrants who are of working age are either working or looking for a job. This has increased the labor force of the USA and thereby increasing their economy as well. They work at a high rate and make up more than one-third workforce in the industry. 

Democrats and Republicans generally agree that legal immigration (rather than illegal immigration) is better, both for the immigrant and for the economy. Throughout its history, both the American economy and society have been enriched by the labor of the immigrant. 

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