As Biden, a Democrat president, took office back in January of last year, he has promised to many to reverse the capsize of refugee admissions that was presented and approved under the previous Republican administration, there are still many, who Biden and his administration feel, that are being backpedaled while also facing major criticism from those who advocate for immigration.

Biden has continuously struggled when it came down to the mixed-feelings and emotions of the immigration topic in the United States as apprehensions in the United States border to Mexico has increased significantly since Biden took office and there have been mass deportation of Haitian immigrants seeking better lives in the United States.

It is important to know that refugee programs are different from those seeking asylum, since the refugees coming are usually seeking relief abroad than in the United States. Thus, resources are given extensively in order to establish themselves firmly in the U.S. Meanwhile, Asylum seekers are those that make a claim to never return to their country of origin due to fear and possible persecution, thus making the process take longer than those of refugee programs.

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