It is now been said that the U.S. federal government has their sights on resettling many Afghan refugees within the course of these next few months, further cementing the campaign promise that President Biden proposed. This means there are plans to reverse the cuts that were made from the Trump Administration from refugee programs, according to various proposals that were made and submitted to Congress since Monday.

There are currently a 125,000 refugee cap for this current year, which starts in October, will set a mark of an almost 800% increase from its 15,000 person cap that former President Trump had set out to do before he left office. Though this is at its highest rate yet since the early 90s, this compared to its previous years, does not aim to have a required target for the government to resettle people that are fleeing from both persecution and of course war on a global scale. With the current year that started back in 2021, which this administration had to raise its refugee spots since backlash from many progressive allies and supporters, it is not to be met as currently 8,000 refugees are being admitted to the United States so far within the past 11 months. This does not include the thousands of Afghans that are being admitted in these recent weeks and months.

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