California is a state on the coastal part of the United States (the western coast). Therefore, there are a lot of immigrants in this part of the state. And this makes it is one of the most populous states in America.  

Immigration is simply the action of leaving one country to another- with the intent to settle permanently in the new destination. However, there has to be an immigration policy that determines who and who would become a new citizen. The absence of this policy would encourage just anyone to leave their country for another. These could lead to over-population, war, and even in worst cases, over-dependence on scarce resources.  

In California, the immigration policy decides if a proposed immigrant would remain in the state as a permanent citizen or as a temporary resident (taking the form of a worker, a student, or a refugee).  

Though most immigration policies are enforced upon by the federal government, the state also supports immigration policies. They legislate complementary laws and set some other policies that (for instance) determines the public services that immigrants can have access to. They also set up the screening requirement for immigrant employees and so on. Even so, some major issues come with immigration in California. Some of them are listed below: 

Challenges facing Immigration in the state of California 

1. Immigrants are suspected to commit more crime 

The topic of if it’s immigrants that commit more crime in the state has been a question that is still yet to be conclusive. Some parties believe that the immigrants are not to be trusted. This is because they do not know the rules and regulations guiding the city. They are also more prone to committing more crimes in the city. Some other parties believe that immigrants are more low-key and careful since they are in a stranger’s land.  

According to CIS, there is little to no conclusion on the debate to know which side commits more crime. In a report that was published in 2009, the topic was strictly reviewed, but the studies led to contradictory conclusions on crime and immigration. Some studies showed that the native commits more crime and some other studies showed the opposite. However, there is hope that more studies and data would provide a more conclusive answer as time goes by.  

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