This is an online system used by over 500,000 companies in the USA to check workers’ status to see if they are legal or illegal. A judicial examination confirmed that the E-verify system wrongfully identified 54 percent of illegal workers as legal. In 2012, the E-verify system identified 0.5 legal workers as unlawful. If this system becomes compulsory for everyone, it can place a minimum of 180,000 legal workers as illegal, threatening their job or even making them lose it.

State And Local Immigration Laws

  • Before 2012, most states passed immigration policies that made it difficult for illegal immigrants to thrive and survive. For instance, Arizona’s S.B. 1070 and others like it stated that illegal immigrants are criminals and the state police should check the immigration status of anyone suspected to be an illegal immigrant.
  • In 2012, the Supreme Court cancelled many laws made by Arizona’s S.B. 1070, increasing the immigrant’s population in the country in general by providing them with driver’s license and I.D. cards. The implementation of DACA has permitted undocumented immigrants to get a job and continue living in the United States.

Refugee Resettlement in the United States

  • Refugees flee from their country because they are scared of being persecuted due to their race, political opinion, religion, nationality.
  • In 2015, Syria was the country with the highest refugee, with 4.9 million refugees in over 120 countries. Afghanistan was the second highest country with 2.7 million refugees, followed by Somalia with 1.1 million refugees, South Sudan with 779,000 refugees, and Sudan with 639,000 refugees.
  • In 1975, over 3 million refugees immigrated to the USA. Most of the refugees are from the Balkans and the Soviet Union. In September 2001, the refugees declined temporarily. Even since then, the USA has been receiving refugees from Myanmar, Somalia, Syria and Bhutan.
  • After staying in the country for ten years, 86 percent of Somali refugees can speak English very well. 73 percent of refugees from Myanmar and 72 percent from Bosnian own their home within ten years.
  • In 2016, almost 60,000 unaccompanied children and 78,000 families were arrested on the Southern border; most of them were from Central America. In 2015, there was a 49 percent increase in the unaccompanied children while the families increased by 95 percent.
  • The United States Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, arrested 7,200 unaccompanied children and 16,000 families.
  • The United States can protect these refugees by giving counsel; they should go for other means of arresting them rather than detaining them. The United States can also work with the UNHCR to register refugees in Mexico and Central America. They can partner with the Latino government to help the refugees know their rights. More so, the United States should work to strengthen the rule of law and security and improve these regions’ economies.

Public opinion on immigration

  • In January 2017, during a CBS poll, 65 percent support that illegal immigrants should be permitted into the United States and given the right to apply for citizenship. Only 22 percent went against it. Similarly, at Quinnipiac University, 59 percent supported that illegal immigrants should be allowed to become citizens, while 25 percent want immigrants to be deported.
  • In Quintilian University Poll, 33 percent voted that the wall that divides the Mexico border should be built, while 64 percent don’t support it. In 2016, 76 percent of Latino Americans opposed the building of the border wall, and 61 percent of the public also opposed it.
  • The Brookings Institution conducted a survey in 2016. According to the study, 59 percent of Americans agrees that refugees should be admitted if they are adequately screened, while 41 percent don’t want them to be accepted.

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