According to the Biden Administration, President Biden had signed a memorandum that allows the laws of the United States in coherence with the sections of the Immigration & Nationality Act the ability that allows additional admissions of Afghan refugees into the U.S.

This allows for a total of 125,000 refugees that can enter the U.S. borders throughout the first half of the Fiscal Year, so long as it is justified with the humanitarian efforts and collaborations as well as the national interest to provide these consultations and aid.

In addition, with the notification of the Judiciary Committees of Congress itself, Biden has allowed authorization to these committees to transfer any and unused admissions that can be allocated to any other region that are helping in humanitarian efforts for Afghan refugees. This is in accordance to the Migration & Refugee Assistance Act that was enacted in 1962.

Furthermore, with this memorandum, this allows for assistance to be given on behalf of applying peoples to allow admission to the U.S. as well as any additional refugee resettlement programs abroad, so long as they contribute and adhere to the foreign policies and interests of the United States.

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