English proficiency is not as strong in the Afghan communities as would other foreign based immigrants living in the U.S. currently. With less than 5 percent able to speak proficient English, the rest tag along thereafter. However, there is a greater emphasis on gender and arrival that places these percentages at an off balance, as many immigrant women are more likely to learn a second language than that of immigrant men.

In terms of median age, middle-age is often the range when it comes down to Afghan immigration. This is mainly due to the higher percentage of children arriving while also wanting to pursue higher education. In fact, the overall Afghan population has a low educational attainment, and many in particular seek to educate themselves and receive a Bachelor’s or High School Diploma.

On a higher educational level, many have sought to become translators and interpreters for the interests of the United States, being able to be proficient in language and communication skills. Other participate in labor forces in order find the means to achieve success and a way of life. Perhaps due to them having lower incomes overall in their households.

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