Though, as the U.S. presence in Afghanistan depends, that does mean more professional help from Afghans to be secured. Be it as translators or military help, there are a lot of exposure to these Afghans as well as their families that could pose a risk later on. Because of this, the Special Immigrant Visas were enacted as a means to establish permanent residency for these Afghans in hopes of continuing their relationship with the interests of the United States. This then increased significantly from there on since its inception in 2006.

Total, there are about 6 million refugees from Afghanistan that are currently living outside the United States. Currently, Iran holds itself as the top destination for displaced Afghans, accounting for nearly half of the total population. Pakistan is second in that list, leaning the charge with roughly 30 percent and others following suit there after.

Within the United States, given that it is a rough 2 percent in the total of Afghan refugees and immigrants, there is a large number within each states. California currently holds the most concentrated amount of Afghans with a 41 perfect, with Virginia and New York coming after it. However, in terms of larger city population, Washington D.C. currently holds a greater number of Afghans currently, with 52 percent.

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